Since 2012, our company has ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. In accordance with customer demands, products are controlled in a plan. If necessary, products are exposed to special tests like final function test and delivered to the customer. 
Accordingly, Quality Control Laboratory is founded in 2015. Interlude and final control of CNC machined products are carried out in our quality control lab.
Quality Control Process (from raw material to delivery)
1. Incoming Quality Control
2. In-process Quality Control
3. Outgoing Quality Control



 3 Coordinate Measuring Machine 

- Wenzel LH 87

- X = 800

- Y = 1000

- Z = 700 mm

Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine 

- Mitutoyo HM-210


 Rockwell Hardness Tester

- HRc

- HRb


 Metallographic Microscope 

- Inverted Type

- Camera and Software

 Surface Roughness Tester

- Mitutoyo SJ-310

- Granit Ölçüm Standı


 Cutting Machine

- IMPRO Procut

- Metallographic Cutting Machine

 Mounting Press

- Promount - H

 Polishing Machine

- IMPRO Protol VTD

- Metalografic Grinding/Polishing Machine

 Digimatic Height Gage

- Mitutoyo 

- 600mm

Founded in Konya in 1992, our company continues its activities in the production of automotive spare parts and sub-industry products more than 20 years.

Operating in 2.000 m² indoor areas, our company moves forward with modern and innovative structure, advanced technology, continuous quality and qualified human resource.

Our production constitutes a large portion of the products we manufactured for domestic assembly plants. A few of these firms are; Alçelik Tümosan Inc., Hema End. Inc., Çukurova Machine (Çumitaş).

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